Strategic Policy Division

Strategic Policy Division (SPD) is a division within DoF's Strategic Policy and Reform (SPAR) directorate.

About SPD

SPD is responsible for maintaining and developing the Northern Ireland Guide to Expenditure Appraisal and Evaluation (NIGEAE). SPD also provides advice on the interpretation of other relevant sources of general guidance, for example HM Treasury's Green Book and PPP/PFI VfM Assessment Guidance.

It is important to note that SPD provides general economic appraisal guidance and not Department-specific guidance. Departmental Economists can provide advice on the more specific requirements of individual Departments.

In addition to NIGEAE, SPD delivers a number of other services, including:

  • providing briefing to the Minister and senior officials on economic issues
  • having responsibility for public sector pay policy, providing relevant advice to Ministers and liaising with HM Treasury/Cabinet Office;
  • providing economic input into the PE process and assisting in DFP policy formulation and resource allocation issues
  • undertaking relevant needs assessment studies and providing advice on methodologies for determining the size of the Northern Ireland Block
  • liaising with HM Treasury on the local impact of UK taxation policy (in conjunction with EPU)
  • commissioning and producing research on aspects of the Northern Ireland economy;
  • producing reports on various issues as required, for example, "Delivering Economic Growth in NI", Fiscal Deficit Report and Pay and Workforce Plan Technical Annex
  • advising DFP Supply Divisions on economic appraisals, business cases and evaluations submitted to DFP for approval
  • advising DFP's European Union Division on value for money aspects of European Community Structural Funds expenditure
  • providing general advice to DFP on appraisal and evaluation issues, including input into PAC briefings, advice on key methodological issues and support to DFP Divisions undertaking appraisals and evaluations

Contact the Economic Appraisal Branch

Comments and suggestions on The Northern Ireland Guide to Expenditure Appraisal and Evaluation or general queries on economic appraisal should be addressed to:

Economic Appraisal Branch
Department of Finance 
FinTrU House
1 Cromac Avenue
Gasworks Business Park


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