Strategic Policy Division

About SPD

SPD is responsible for maintaining the Better Business Cases NI guidance, which provides a clear framework for appraising, developing and planning expenditure and investment decisions using the Five Case Model to deliver best value for money. The full guidance can be here.

SPD also has a role in determining the guidance and approval processes for public sector pay, including the provision of technical advice.

In addition, SPD provides an important economic and fiscal policy briefing, analysis and advice service for the Minister of Finance and senior officials. This includes engagement and liaison with HM Treasury, the banking sector, business bodies, economists and the research community.

The division is also the sponsor body for the independent Fiscal Council - the body created to bring greater transparency and scrutiny to NI’s public finances and lead on bringing forward the legislation to put it on a statutory footing.

A key aspect of the division’s work also involves the recruitment, management and development of the NICS Economist Profession where over 140 economist staff are currently posted throughout the NI Government Departments and its ALBs.

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Strategic Policy Division
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