About the Department

The Department of Finance (DoF) aims to help the Northern Ireland Executive secure the most appropriate and effective use of resources and services for the benefit of the community. In pursuing this aim, the key objective of the Department is to deliver quality, cost effective and efficient public services and administration in the Department’s areas of executive responsibility.

Organisation structure

The Permanent Secretary for the Department is Neil Gibson.

The Department is comprised of:

  • Public Spending Directorate
  • Construction and Procurement Delivery
  • Land & Property Services
  • Digital, Security and Finance Shared Services
  • Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency
  • Strategic Policy and Reform 
  • Departmental Solicitor’s Office
  • People and Organisational Development
  • Communications and Engagement Division
  • Finance Division
  • Corporate Services Division
  • NICS Internal Audit

Departmental Board

The Departmental Board is chaired by the Permanent Secretary and manages the Department within the strategic policies and resources framework set by the Minister. It supports the Permanent Secretary by providing collective leadership and taking ownership of the Department’s performance. The Board comprises twelve executive members and three Non Executive Board Members. 

Minutes of DoF's Departmental Board meetings are available at the following links: 

More details about the Department’s objectives, targets and organisational structure, including senior officials and Chief Executives, can be found in the DoF Departmental business plan

Financial management

DoF's Resource Accounts are prepared annually and present the financial results for the relevant financial year. The documents contain:

  • reports on corporate governance
  • statements of internal control
  • certificates of the Comptroller and Auditor General
  • annual remuneration reports
  • staff numbers and related costs
  • total travel and subsistence and hospitality costs

Gifts and hospitality 

The Department publishes a register of gifts and hospitality offered to DoF staff.

Business planning and reporting 

DoF's Departmental business plan sets out the Department's commitments and strategic objectives. 

Departmental policies and guidance

The Department publishes information on policies and procedures for delivering our services and conducting our business, including:

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