Building Regulations Technical Booklets

The department publishes guidance in the form of Technical Booklets to support the Building Regulations.

Current Technical Booklets

Technical Booklets allow the department to set certain standards of performance and if the guidance in a Technical Booklet is followed there will be a presumption of compliance with the requirements of those building regulations covered by that guidance. However, this presumption of compliance can be overturned, so simply following the guidance does not guarantee compliance. For example, if a particular circumstance is not one of the more common building situations the design provisions given in the Technical Booklet may not be appropriate.

These booklets are specifically written for those who have a sound knowledge of modern building techniques, terminology and practices.

There is no obligation to follow the methods or comply with the standards set out in the Technical Booklets. You may adopt any form of construction you wish, however you will have to demonstrate to the satisfaction of district councils that the requirements of the building regulations have been met.

Technical Booklets can be viewed below.  Archived versions of the Technical Booklets are also available to view.

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