Northern Ireland Building Regulations Advisory Committee

The Northern Ireland Building Regulations Advisory Committee (NIBRAC) is a statutory body set up under Article 4 of the Building Regulations (Northern Ireland) Order 1979 to advise the department on the amendment of Building Regulations and other associated matters.

The role of NIBRAC

Article 4. (1) of the 1979 Order states: "The Building Regulations Advisory Committee (in this Order referred to as "the Advisory Committee") shall continue to exist to advise the department upon the amendment of building regulations and upon any matter arising out of or connected with the amendment or operation of Building Regulations which may be referred to the Advisory Committee by the department”.

Members of NIBRAC are appointed by the Department in accordance with the procedures set out in the Code of Practice of the Commissioner for Public Appointments for Northern Ireland (CPANI). Building Standards Branch within Properties Division is responsible for co-ordinating the appointments to NIBRAC, and acts as a secretariat.

Members of NIBRAC are not appointed to represent particular interests or organisations, but rather for the independent experience and knowledge they can bring to the committee. However, care is taken to ensure that the membership of the committee reflects the range of expertise in the building industry, and those likely to be affected by the regulations. Appointments are unpaid, however members may claim for any out-of-pocket expenses incurred in connection with the business of the committee.

NIBRAC Chair and members

Length of each term of appointment Three Years
Remuneration None, although members will be reimbursed for reasonable expenses
Workload Three to four meetings per year and preparation. Members may also be required to attend Technical Sub-Committees.
Name Date of first appointment Expiry of appointment Term
Mabel Higgins   15 April 2019 14 April 2025 Second
Members Area of expertise on NIBRAC      
Ross Reid Architecture 30 September 2019 29 September 2025


Martin McCook Building Regulation Enforcement 1 March 2021

28 February 2027

Vacant Building Services, Engineering and Energy n/a n/a  
Andrew Corbett Building Surveying 1 March 2021 28 February 2027 Second
Andrew Frew Construction (domestic) 1 March 2021 28 February 2027 Second
Cormac Freehill Construction (non-domestic) 1 March 2021 28 February 2027 Second
Vacant Fire Safety (fire protection & fire safety engineering) n/a n/a  
Vacant Structural Engineering n/a n/a  



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