Northern Ireland Building Regulations Advisory Committee

The Northern Ireland Building Regulations Advisory Committee (NIBRAC) is a statutory body set up under Article 4 of the Building Regulations (Northern Ireland) Order 1979 to advise the department on the amendment of Building Regulations and other associated matters.

The Role of NIBRAC

Article 4. (1) of the 1979 Order states: "The Building Regulations Advisory Committee (in this Order referred to as "the Advisory Committee") shall continue to exist to advise the department upon the amendment of building regulations and upon any matter arising out of or connected with the amendment or operation of Building Regulations which may be referred to the Advisory Committee by the department”.

Members of NIBRAC are appointed by the Minister in accordance with the procedures set out in the Code of Practice of the Office of the Commissioner for Public Appointments for Northern Ireland (OCPANI). The Building Regulations Unit (BRU) of Properties Division is responsible for co-ordinating the appointments to NIBRAC, and acts as a secretariat.

Members of NIBRAC are not appointed to represent particular interests or organisations, but rather for the independent experience and knowledge they can bring to the committee. However, care is taken to ensure that the membership of the committee reflects the range of expertise in the building industry, and those likely to be affected by the regulations. Backgrounds which are sought include construction, research, design, provision of materials, in addition to associated professions and building regulation enforcement. Appointments are unpaid, however members may claim for any out-of-pocket expenses incurred in connection with the business of the committee.

Committee membership

The following members have been re-appointed for a second term.  The department is currently working on the appointment process for the remaining vacant posts.

Mr Alan Macklin

Mr Macklin is currently employed as Technical Manager at Kingspan Insulation, coming from a background in various sectors within the construction industry including architectural and timber frame design to environmental and civil engineering consultancy. This is Alan’s first term as a member of NIBRAC.

Mr David Little

Mr Little has worked with NHBC since 1999, initially managing their Inspection Service in the eastern half of Northern Ireland, and was appointed as Regional Director for NI and Isle of Man in 2007. This is David’s first term as a member of NIBRAC.

Mr Donal Rogan

Mr Rogan is Building Control Manager in Belfast City Council. Before taking up this position he was employed by Lisburn City Council as Business Development Manager. He is also chairman of the NI Building Control Executive. This is Donal’s first term as a member of NIBRAC.

Mr Michael Dorrian

Mr Dorrian took up his first job following graduation from UUJ as an engineer on the Euro Disney project. Following this he joined a local authority building control office in 1995 before going into private practice in 2000 as a chartered surveyor and estate agent. This is Michael’s first term as a member of NIBRAC.

Ms Joan McCoy

Ms McCoy is an architect. She co-founded and is currently a director of White Ink Architects. Prior to this, Joan was an associate at Consarc Design Group and their lead architect for the Odyssey project. Joan has a particular interest in sustainable architecture and her work has been shortlisted for both the RSPB/RTPNI Sustainable Planning Awards 2008 and the NIHE Home Energy Awards in 2009. This is Joan’s first term as a member of NIBRAC.

Mr Jonathan Hayes

Mr Hayes first joined Building Control in 1997; he is now Building Control Manager for Armagh City and District Council. In 2009, Jonathon co-wrote a paper for the Institute of Fire Engineers, and is also vice-chair of the NI Fire Safety Panel. This is Jonathan’s first term as a member of NIBRAC.

Mr Alan Beggs

Mr Beggs is an Associate Director with Michael Slattery & Associated (Fire Engineering Consultants). He has provided significant fire engineering input into deriving fire safety strategies for a varied range of large and complex projects. This is Alan’s first term as a member of NIBRAC.

Mr David Blevings

Mr Blevings is a Chartered Valuation and Energy Surveyor with over twenty years experience. He established his own energy consultancy at the end of 2004 and now provides a PR and lobbying role to a number of energy and trade associations throughout Ireland. His current role includes working for OFTEC in Ireland and representing the interests of the NI Oil Federation and Irish Petrol Retailers Association. This is David’s first term as a member of NIBRAC.

Mr Patrick O’Hagan

Mr O’Hagan is the Principal of Lyons Architects, which he has owned since 1986. The practice is involved with work in both the public and private sectors carrying out general architectural services and interior design work across a broad range of building types. During the past decade, the practice has been developed to provide project management services. This is Patrick’s first term as a member of NIBRAC.

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