Framework for secure offsite storage and records management services

Construction & Procurement Delivery (CPD) has established this framework for the provision of secure offsite storage and records management services for the NI public sector.

Contract information

Project title: ID 1539733 Framework Provision for Offsite storage and records management.

The framework shall provide safe and secure, off-site storage and records management services for the NI public sector.

This includes electronic inventory management, for the intake, retrieval, full digital scanning, archiving services and destruction of records.

A variety of items will require storage - this will likely include paper, forms, legal documentation, evidence, photographs, microfilm, maps, computer tapes and disks, fragile and vulnerable items.

Clients will also vary in how they want records to be stored (for example physically in boxes; records on open shelf; or in controlled atmosphere etc).

Protective marking assigned to records and storage items will vary. The client may request that the records are stored in caged or vaulted area to offer secure access.

Estimated framework value £1m - £2m
Framework start date 1 March 2019
Framework initial end date

28 February 2023

The clients listed below have existing Call offs in place






NI Water





Dept of Education


University Ulster


DOJ Courts


User protocol

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