Construction & Procurement Delivery (CPD) has established more than 65 collaborative arrangements for the NI public sector; find out more below.

What is a collaborative arrangement?

These are contracts and framework agreements which can be used by a number of government departments, agencies or other non-departmental public bodies. 

Who will find the collaborative arrangements information useful?

If you work in a public sector organisation, and your business area needs some supplies, services or works, you should firstly check the list of current arrangements to establish if there is already a pan-government contract or agreement available for you to use.

Which organisations can use the collaborative arrangements?

A list of organisations which can use the collaborative arrangements is provided. If it is not clear whether your organisation can use the contract, contact the relevant CPD branch. 

Do you know which suppliers in your sector are currently participating in collaborative arrangements?

If you are a supplier organisation interested in selling to government, the list of current arrangements will let you know who the current contractors are, and the expiry dates for the arrangements. You may wish to contact the current contractor about subcontracting opportunities.


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