Construction and Procurement Delivery (CPD)

Construction and Procurement Delivery (CPD) helps clients across the NI public sector deliver successful projects. 

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Role of CPD

CPD has teams of professionally qualified staff providing expert advice to the NI departments and arm's length bodies. 

Our staff are informed on markets, new technology and trends - we add value to government projects. 

The services we provide act as enablers to the Programme for Government outcomes, impacting on the lives of citizens. 

The role of our procurement and project delivery experts includes:

  • helping the client clearly define what they need
  • advising on the best method of finding a supplier
  • taking it to the marketplace to obtain best value
  • assisting in managing the contract

CPD is committed to ensuring that small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) have the widest possible access to government opportunities. 

CPD Business Plan 2022-2023

Our business objectives for 2022-2023

CPD Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

This is how we measure our services. 

CPD Divisions

CPD has seven divisions: 

Examples of CPD projects

CPD works with a wide range of clients across the NI public sector. It may be helpful to view some examples of our recent projects, to understand the work we do. 

Find out more about public procurement in the NI public sector

Follow the Procurement topic to access a wide range of information, including:

  • tips on how to start competing for public sector contracts
  • procurement pipeline information
  • best practice information for contractors working in the construction industry
  • guidance for public sector customers on how to engage with CPD, including lists of existing framework arrangements available for use and
  • Procurement Policy Notes 

Find out more about CPD Chargeable Services 

Find out more about project management in the NI public sector

Follow the Programme and Project Management and Assurance topic to access a wide range of information, including:

  • templates for public sector officials managing a project or programme
  • best practice guidance including understanding roles and responsibilities
  • Commercial Delivery Group 

    Telephone numbers and email addresses for CPD are available on our Contact CPD page.

    Find out more about working in Construction and Procurement Delivery here

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