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Most LPS services are now available, but LPS Customer Information Centres remain closed until further notice. Find out how to access LPS services below.

Rates and Valuation
Information and services are available online
- Domestic ratepayers
- Non-domestic ratepayers

The Rates and Valuation Helpline is 0300 200 7801
The Housing Benefit and Rate Relief Helpline is 0300 200 7802
Alternatively, you can email or

Land Registration
The Land Registration Helpline is 0300 200 7803
Alternatively, you can email

Practice Notes and Notes to Practitioners are published online
- LPS Practice Directions & Notes to Practitioners

Ordnance Survey
The helpline for Ordnance survey (0300 200 7804) remains closed until further notice.

Paper maps and digital mapping products can be purchased online
- OSNI Map Shop
Alternatively, you can email

Further information on service updates will be available at


Map location

Land & Property Services
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