Online awareness events to be held on energy efficiency and related areas of Building Regulations consultation

Date published: 17 August 2023

The Department of Finance is to hold a series of information webinars on a recently launched consultation discussion document regarding the energy efficiency requirements and other related areas of the Building Regulations, such as ventilation, overheating risks in dwellings and electric vehicle charging infrastructure at buildings.

Information Event Series. An opportunity to gain further understanding of the potential changes to energy efficiency requirements and other related areas of the Building Regulations

The series of seven online events will provide those in the industry and other interested parties with a comprehensive overview of the potential changes discussed in the consultation, which would support the 2021 Energy Strategy – ‘The Path to Net Zero Energy’ which aims to significantly improve the energy and emissions performance of new homes and buildings.

Details on the consultation, including how to register for the webinars can be accessed here.

The consultation period runs until Wednesday 15 November 2023.

30 August 2023 1.30pm            Session 1- Introduction and overview: Consultation Sections 1 and 2 and headlines from Sections 3 and 4

06 September 2023 1.30pm      Session 2- Part F (Conservation of fuel and power) proposals for new-builds: Section 3A and 4A (inc. Annex B and D)

13 September 2023 1.30pm      Session 3- Part F proposals for standards for work to existing buildings: Section 3B and 4B (inc. Annex E)

27 September 2023 1.30pm      Session 4- Part K (Ventilation) proposals: Sections 3C and 4C

04 October 2023 1.30pm           Session 5- Proposals to mitigate overheating in dwellings and residential buildings: Section 3D

11 October 2023 1.30pm           Session 6- Electric vehicle infrastructure provisions: Sections 3E and 4D

18 October 2023 1.30pm           Session 7- Considerations around future aspects:  Sections 2, 5 and 6 (Inc. Annex C)


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