Registration Precedents

This section contains Precedents and guidelines to help you to prepare applications for registration in the Land Registry.


The information below is aimed primarily at those who undertake registered conveyancing, such as solicitors and mortgage lenders.

The guidelines provide background information, such as:

  • details of the relevant Land Registration rule
  • when to use a particular Precedent
  • any other proofs that are required

References to the 'Act' mean the Land Registration Act (NI) 1970 (as amended) and references to the 'Rules' mean the Land Registration Rules (NI) 1994 (as amended). Copies of the Act and the Rules may be obtained from The Stationery Office.

Where an application can be made in more than one way, the most common way has been suggested. If you find that the suggested Precedent does not suit the facts of a particular case, you should refer to the Rules to see if there are any alternative procedures. You will find a reference to the Rule number in the relevant guideline.

The Precedents included in this section are designed to comply with the current requirements of the Land Registry but it is, of course, your responsibility to ensure that a particular form will meet the requirements of the parties to the transaction.

To find a Precedent on a particular area, use the appropriate heading below.


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