Supply of liquid fuels

This collaborative arrangement is for the supply of liquid fuels for the NI public sector.

Contract information

Project title: Supply of liquid fuels

Lot 114 of the Crown Commercial Services National Fuels Framework (RM3801) can be used for the provision of bulk liquid fuels for heating and road fuels to the NI public sector. 

Lot 5 of the RM3801 framework relates to the provision of ancillary services associated with the supply and use of liquid fuels such as tank services, fuel testing and cleaning, waste removal and other products and services associated with the use of fuel. 

Estimated contract value £6,000,000
Contract start date 24 July 2017
Initial contract end date 30 April 2022
Contract extensions None

Various suppliers are listed on the framework. The three main suppliers for Northern Ireland are: 

  • Nicholl (Fuel Oils) Ltd
  • LCC Oil
  • DCC Energy Ltd

Participating bodies

Numerous government departmental bodies are availing of this contract, you can view all the bodies covered under NI public procurement policy can potentially use this contract. The CPD Energy and Fleet team hold a list of current customers. 

User protocol

This is a CCS led framework. End users complete short order forms with their respective supplier(s) for their delivery sites (this process is managed by CCS). Information on accessing the arrangement to secure supply can be found via the 'Access' tab on the relevant CCS webpage.   

Links to further contract information

More information can be obtained from

CPD Collaborative Energy and Fleet Branch

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