Collaborative supply and delivery of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)

Construction & Procurement Delivery (CPD) has established this arrangement for the supply of liquefied petroleum gas to the NI public sector.

Contract information

Project title: ID 3358301 Collaborative Supply and Delivery of Liquefied Petroleum Gas

This multi-supplier framework will be for the supply of Bio Liquefied Petroleum Gas for a term of 4 years (48 months). The blend required will either be 10%, 25%, 50%, or 100%. Every order must have a minimum blend of 10% BioLPG.

Estimated contract value


Contract start date 1 August 2022
Contract end date 31 July 2026
Potential contract extensions none
Participating bodies As per the user protocol document
  • Calor Gas  
  • DCC Energy Ltd (Flogas)

Links to further contract information 

More information can be obtained from

CPD Collaborative Energy and Fleet Branch

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