ID 2415043 Cleaning Services Lots 1, Lots 2 and Lot 3

Construction & Procurement Delivery (CPD), on behalf of the participating bodies, has awarded a contract for the provision of cleaning services, at locations throughout Northern Ireland

Contract information

Project title: ID 2415043 Cleaning Services Lots 1, Lots 2 and Lot 3

The contract is structured across three lots. 

CPD Supplies and Services Division awarded a contract to Aramark Ireland Holdings for Lot 1, Lot 2 and Lot 3 on 03 December 2019. 

The buildings which require cleaning services were grouped on the basis of their Department.

Estimated contract value

Lot 1 – £15m

Lot 2 – £15m

Lot 3 – £24m

Contract start date 1 April 2020
Contract end date  31 March 2025
Potential contract extensions 31 March 2025

Lot 1 – Aramark

Lot 2 – Aramark

Lot 3 – Aramark

Participating bodies View a list of participating bodies for these arrangements in the link 'Further Contract Information' below

Links to further contract information

view the Contract Notice and Contract Award Notice published in the Official Journal of the EU, Participating Bodies, User Protocol.

More information can be obtained from

CPD Reform Quality Compliance Branch

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