NICS contract for portering services and furniture storage

Construction & Procurement Delivery (CPD) has established this contract for portering services and furniture storage for the NICS and wider NI public sector.

Contract information

Project title: ID 3131618 Office Portering Service and Short Term Storage of Furniture for the NICS

This contract will be used by the DoF Properties Division to support its clients across the NICS and wider public sector - to provide portering services, hire of storage crates for the movement of small office items, and storage space for items of office furniture.

The contract will provide resources (porters, vehicles with drivers and ancillary equipment) to facilitate the movement of office furniture and equipment between and within public sector buildings throughout Northern Ireland.

Estimated contract value £200,000 (annual)
Contract start date 1 February 2021
Current contract end date 31 January 2026
Potential extensions Up to 24 Months
Contractor GTM Relocations
Participating bodies As outlined in Annex A of ID 3131618 - Specification

User protocol

This contract may only be used through ESS Properties Division (Department of Finance). CPD must be contacted in the first instance for queries in relation to the contract.

Link to further contract information

More information ​can be obtained from

CPD Collaborative Procurement Management Office

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