The Department occasionally publishes additional information and guidance to that found in the Technical Booklets. This may include recent or forthcoming changes, or other points of interest.

Sound insulation

An information note on the use of approved design details in respect of Part G requirements - Sound Insulation - Use of approved design detail

Part R access to and use of buildings

In the latest amendment to Part R: Access to and use of buildings of the Building Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2012, the Department has prepared a guidance paper to highlight matters that are relevant to the requirements of the Regulation 91: Access to and use of buildings.

"Reasonable provision shall be made for people to have access to, into, within and to use a building and its facilities: Provided that in a dwelling this requirement shall be limited to the entrance storey or, where that storey contains no habitable room, to the principal storey."

Carbon monoxide - be aware of the dangers

Visit the Watch out! Carbon monoxide kills webpage for more information on how to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

The Building Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2012 and in particular Part L (comprising regulations 69 to 77), sets out the requirement for combustion appliances and fuel storage systems.

As Part A (comprising regulations 1 to 21) of the Building Regulations sets out the interpretation along with the procedural requirements relating to the application of the regulations, the Department advises that all Parts of the Building Regulations are read in conjunction with Part A of those regulations.

Recent publications in relation to radon

The department is aware of two recent documents relevant to the issue of radon which designers and contractors may wish to consider —

  1. Radon in Northern Ireland: Indicative Atlas 2015
  2. BR 211, Radon: Guidance on protective measures for new buildings
  • Part C Site preparation and resistance to contaminants and moisture - radon updated maps

Cladding or re-cladding of buildings

Following the recent fire at Grenfell tower and concerns raised about the cladding of buildings, the department has developed an Information Note which highlights relevant building regulations guidance and issues to consider when carrying out cladding work, or when investigating or reviewing existing cladding installations.

Part F - conservation of fuel and power

The purpose of this note is to clarify the implementation of the requirements for nearly zero-energy new buildings, with respect to regulation 43B, while the Department is working to increase standards as quickly as possible. A previous Information Note published in 2019 continues to apply to new buildings occupied and owned by public authorities.

Urgent healthcare related building work in response to Coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency

Given the exceptional challenges arising from the Coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency, work to provide accommodation for people requiring medical care and treatment, or for other related temporary support services associated with healthcare, is being provided as a matter of urgency. Whilst this work must clearly proceed at pace, it is important that essential health and safety requirements in buildings are not disregarded.

An Information Note has been developed to clarify that those carrying out building work or making any material change of use to buildings should engage with the relevant district council building control teams, who are expected to adopt a flexible and pragmatic approach, taking into account the urgency of the situation.


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