If you wish to use Land & Property Services (LPS) material, you will generally need a Copyright licence/ publishing permit.

Intellectual Property Rights

It is an infringement of copyright (excluding acts permitted in relation to copyright works under the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 as amended) to copy or publish digital data or paper maps which belong to the Crown without prior written permission. You can find out more about Crown Copyright in the following link:

Crown Copyright

Crown Copyright subsists in Land & Property Services (LPS) Intellectual Property (IP).

LPS is the official organisation responsible for mapping, land registration, property valuation and rating collection for Northern Ireland and produces IP in the forms of:

  • mapping under the trademarked brand names of Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland® and OSNI®
  • land registration mapping and documentation under the trademarked brand names of Landweb Direct®
  • rating documentation
  • valuation documentation

LPS is a core directorate within the Department of Finance in Northern Ireland (DoF). Trade Marks used and managed by LPS are registered in the name of DoF.

Unauthorised copying by any means is prohibited without the prior permission of the LPS Chief Executive who has delegated authority, for the day-to-day administration of Crown copyright in LPS IP, from the Keeper of Public Records.

Use of LPS Intellectual Property

Using OSNI IP generally requires a Digital Licence/ Copyright Licence/ Publishing Permit; or combination of these three. Most usage falls into one of the following categories. To find out more about each category, how to apply, and the appropriate fees for each category please click on the relevant link:

  • Digital Licensing - Digital Licensing for supply and use of OSNI IP within your own business
  • Copyright Licensing - copying within your own office under licence
  • Publishing - if you wish to publish or reprint a publication based directly or indirectly on OSNI IP or to copy such OSNI IP in the revision of a publication (including on the internet).

Licensing and Permit Fees are effective from 1 April each year and are reviewed annually.

LPS complies with ‘Fair Dealing’ as set out in the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (as amended).

To assist library users LPS has initiated a scheme whereby public libraries may make one (1) A4 size extract of an LPS/ OSNI branded map for researchers or those pursuing private study. The extract will only be made after the signing of a declaration form provided by the library.

(For the purpose of clarity in any ‘Fair Dealing’, research is restricted to non-commercial purposes and private study and must not be for any commercial advantage).

Any other proposed use of the IP is subject to a licence/ permit.

LPS encourages the widest possible licensed use of its IP, however, it also has a duty to protect the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in its IP. LPS is proactive in the education of licensed use and to minimise the misuse of its IP.

Where LPS identifies any unauthorised use of its IP, it will, in the first instance, contact persons or organisations to allow for the opportunity to procure the proper licenses and/ or permits. However if the unauthorised use continues LPS will seek legal redress. Anyone who wishes to use LPS IP for anything other than personal use should contact LPS IPR Branch for advice on the correct procedures to be followed.

Publishing derived data

Derived data is any data (including ‘hard’ paper copies) that you create using or based upon, to a greater or lesser degree, data products supplied and licensed to you by LPS.

It is only permissible to use and publish LPS derived data under the appropriate (charged for) LPS Licence.

Contact details are as follows:

  • email: copyright@finance-ni.gov.uk
  • tel: 0300 200 7804 (charged at local rate)
  • tel: +44 28 9067 5504 (if calling from outside the United Kingdom)

Copyright publications

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