Recruiting and employing staff

On this page you will find documents and links to information relating to the recruitment and employment of staff within the Northern Ireland civil service.

NICS recruitment

Human Resources

Health and Safety

Equality and Diversity

For more information and help please contact:

Equal Opportunities Unit
Central Personnel Group
Department of Finance and Personnel
6th Floor, Royston House
34 Upper Queen Street

Copies and alternative formats are provided on request.

  • new disability duties came into effect on 1 January 2007 and the DFP Disability Action Plan sets out how DFP proposes to fulfil these duties. A publication entitled "The employment of people with disabilities in the NICS" is also available. This is currently under review, but may be obtained on request, free of charge.

For more information or help please contact:

Carolyn Barr
Equality Unit
Rathgael House
Balloo Road
Telephone: 028 9185 8173

Equal Opportunities

  • the Article 55 Review sets out the results of the latest statutory review of fair participation by Protestants and Roman Catholics in the NICS.
  • Gender Review - This report set out the results of a review of gender composition in the NICS workforce.
  • the following publications relating to Equal Opportunities are available on request, free of charge: Equal Opportunities Policy, Equal Opportunities Complaints Procedures and Guidance on Good Practice for Departments Equal Opportunities - A Guide to NICS Staff.

Senior Civil Service

Special Advisers

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