Recruiting and employing staff

On this page you will find documents and links to information relating to the recruitment and employment of staff within the Northern Ireland civil service.

NICS recruitment

Human Resources

Equality and Diversity

The NICS values and welcomes diversity and is committed to creating a truly inclusive workplace.

We see diversity in the workplace as an asset, for both our organisation as a public service provider, and for our colleagues, enabling them to make a full contribution to meeting the Civil Service objectives and improving the lives of our citizens.

  • the DoF Equality Scheme contains information on how DoF proposes to fulfil the duties imposed on it by Section 75 of the NI Act 1998.
  • the NICS Diversity Action Plan identifies targeted actions to improve diversity and inclusion in the NICS.
  • The NICS policy on 'Recruiting and Appointing People with Disabilities' aims to enure that the NICS' recruitment and selection procedures provide equality of opportunity to people with disabilities so that they are encouraged to apply and compete for employment opportunities.
  • Reasonable steps will be taken to ensure people with disabilities are not disadvantaged in comparison to people who are not disabled, with practices and procedures that are sufficiently flexible to remove obstacles to participation and take appropriate account of the needs of individuals. This includes the NICS Guaranteed Interview Scheme which will apply to all NICS external recruitment activity where minimum essential criteria and some form of shortlisting apply. 

Guaranteed Interview Scheme

   Equal Opportunities

  • the Article 55 Review sets out the results of the latest statutory review of fair participation by Protestants and Roman Catholics in the NICS.
  • Gender Review - This report set out the results of a review of gender composition in the NICS workforce.
  • the following publications relating to Equal Opportunities are available on request, free of charge: Equal Opportunities Policy, Equal Opportunities Complaints Procedures and Guidance on Good Practice for Departments Equal Opportunities - A Guide to NICS Staff.

Special Advisers

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