Treasury management guidance

This category contains guidance in relation to government loans and departmental supply. It also provides copies of the public income and expenditure accounts, the NI Assembly contributory pension fund account and the members' contributory pension fund account.

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Cash management and departmental supply

All central government income and expenditure flows through the Northern Ireland Consolidated Fund.

Departments forecast their monthly block grant requirements which are drawn down from Her Majesty's Treasury (HMT), through the Northern Ireland Office (NIO). Any daily surplus balances in the government pool of accounts are invested with the Bank of England by Government Accounts Branch (DoF). The branch also ensures that the daily cash requirements of all departments (including EU monies) are met and in so doing disburses some £14 billion in annual supply.

Government loans

This section contains guidance issued on the government loan arrangements for local authorities, schools, NIHE and other public bodies. That is, the payment of loans and re-coupment of payments due to the consolidated fund.


This section contains guidance on banking adapted from chapter 5 of Managing Public Money Northern Ireland (MPMNI).

Public income and expenditure accounts

This section contains the public income and expenditure accounts of Northern Ireland. These are subject to audit and where applicable laid before the NI Assembly.

NI Assembly and members' contributory pension fund accounts

This section contains the accounts of the NI Assembly contributory pension fund and the accounts of the members' contributory pension fund.


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