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2221 publications

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Published 19 May 2020Guidance literature

COVID-19 funding allocations

Published 19 May 2020Financial plans and reports

The purpose of this EPN is to advise employers of the process for applying for approval to have any abatement of pension dis-applied in cases where, as a contingency measure due to the Covid-19 pandemic, retired staff are re-employed or working hours are increased for partiall

Published 14 May 2020Notices

Details of the contracts awarded by Construction & Procurement Delivery (CPD) from April 2016 onwards. 

Published 12 May 2020Lists and registers

This page has guidance and good practice on corporate governance which describes how organisations should be directed and controlled which is vital for effective financial management and risk management in the public sector.

Published 07 May 2020Guidance literature

This Procurement Guidance Note (PGN 04/16) provides guidance to Departments, selection and tender evaluation panel members and procurement practitioners on the principles involved in the selection and tender evaluation stages of a procurement process.

Published 07 May 2020Guidance literature

From July 2017 onwards, government suppliers who fail to address poor performance will be listed in the Register of Suppliers' Poor Performance attached below.

Published 05 May 2020Lists and registers

This Risk Assessment has been prepared as a generic template in response to the emerging risks associated with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. It is intended as a guide to assess common risks associated with COVID-19 in the workplace.

Published 05 May 2020Impact assessments

The Budget 20-21 document sets out the Executive’s spending plans for the period from April 2020 to March 2021. 

Published 05 May 2020Financial plans and reports

Injury Benefit is a benefit payable to members who have suffered an impairment to earnings as a result of an injury that has been sustained within the context of one of the qualifying conditions of Rule 1.3 outlined in the form below.

Published 30 April 2020Guidance literature

Northern Ireland Civil Service Pension Board (NICSPB) meeting notes.

Published 29 April 2020Agendas and minutes

Breakdown of COVID-19 funding allocations.

Published 24 April 2020Decisions

Guidance for Remote Desktop Connection - connecting virtually from a computer at home to your computer in the office.

Published 24 April 2020Guidance literature

The purpose of this EPN is to inform employers of contingency measures put in place by Civil Service Pensions (CSP) due to the Covid-19 outbreak. 

Published 22 April 2020Notices

This newsletter contains important information and news about your Northern Ireland Civil Service (NICS) pension, including sections on things you may need to tell us about. 

Published 22 April 2020Guidance literature

The purpose of this memorandum is to inform you that due to the Covid-19 outbreak CSP has put contingency measures in place. During this period priority is being given to the payment of pensions, bereavements and imminent retirements.  

Published 22 April 2020Notices

FOI response re request for information on eTendersNI

Published 17 April 2020FOI/EIR responses

The Silent Solutions System is a system for those experiencing domestic abuse who might be afraid of further danger or harm if they are overheard when calling 999 in an emergency.

Published 17 April 2020Guidance literature

FOI DOF/2020-130 Information request re Bravo Solutions Portal and eTendersNI

Published 16 April 2020FOI/EIR responses

Urgent healthcare related building work in response to Coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency

Published 15 April 2020Legislation and regulations

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