Guidance for current and prospective suppliers

Accessing public sector markets can seem daunting at first - but there is lots of advice and support available to help you take the next step in expanding your business.

New to public sector tendering?

If you are new to public sector tendering, then take some time now to get informed about the processes and organisations involved. 

Our Supplier Journey guide takes you through the basic steps, from getting registered to find out about opportunities, to competing for and winning a contract. 

Our Common Questions and Answers guide covers the questions organisations usually ask when they are learning how to compete for public sector opportunities. 

A helpful video animation explaining about public procurement in Northern Ireland, is also available on the InterTradeIreland website.

NIbusinessinfo website also has a helpful section on tendering, including links to tendering portals across the UK.

Learn from case studies from local businesses who have enjoyed great success in winning public sector tenders:

Our CPD Supplier Code of Conduct explains the values and principles expected for tenderers who win a contract awarded by CPD.

If you have any questions, then contact us on for further explanation.


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Access to information

How to request information from the Department of Finance including Freedom of Information (FOI) and the use of our Publication Scheme.

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