Collaborative arrangement for insurance advice for contracts and subsequent policy checks

Construction & Procurement Delivery (CPD) has established this arrangement for insurance advice for contracts and subsequent policy checks.

Contract information

Project title: ID 4450941 – DoF – Collaborative Arrangement – Provision of Insurance Policy Advice and Subsequent Policy Checks

This arrangement is for insurance advice for contracts and subsequent policy checks. There are a number of elements within the contract: 

  1. Provision of general advice in relation to insurance
  2. Provision of advice on the insurance requirements necessary for inclusion within contracts to be awarded by the client
  3. Provision of advice to the client during the tender cycle
  4. Completing compliance checks to assure the client that the specified insurance requirements are met by the relevant party (ie the tenderer during a procurement competition)
  5. Ongoing monitoring to ensure that the relevant insurances as set out in the contractual documents are maintained by the relevant party (ie successful tenderer following the completion of a procurement competition)

This is a call off contract for use, as and when required. Use of the contract does not mean that the contracting authority will exclusively use this arrangement for the provision of these services when required. 

Contract value maximum £100,000
Contract start date 1 May 2023
Contract end date 30 April 2027
Contractor ABL Group

User protocol

Organisations interested in using the arrangement should review the User Protocol document which also contains details of the Specification of requirements.

More information can be obtained from

CPD Collaborative Procurement

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