Questions and Answers.

My pension was due to be in my account today and I have not received it?

Due to an administrative error, your pension will not be in your bank account as expected on 28 May. Civil Service Pensions apologise for this but can assure you that your pension will be in your account on Tuesday 1 June.

When will I receive my May pension payment?

Your pension will be paid on Tuesday 1 June..

I have Direct Debits and this will mean I will be charged

Civil Service Pensions appreciate that this may happen.  If this is the case please contact us in writing by email or post and we will let you know how to proceed.

Is it a scam?

No, this is a genuine error that has affected CSP payroll, every effort has been taken to rectify the situation.

Is this delay related to the implementation of the new online Information Centre?

No.  The delay in pension payment is a direct result of an administrative error and it is not related in anyway to the launch of the Information Centre. 

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