Welfare policy and procedures

Information and documentation relating to welfare policy and procedures and the welfare equality impact assessment first screening document.


Welfare Support Service is a confidential service except:

  • where we are informed of a breach of NICS or departmental rules and regulations
  • where we are informed of a breach of the law
  • where there is risk of harm to yourself or others
  • if a disclosure relates to an equal opportunity issue
  • child protection issues

Please note

In the case of disclosures made to Welfare Support concerning breaches of the law or of NICS or departmental rules or regulations, the welfare officer will strongly encourage and support the individual to report the breach to the appropriate authority.  

Where the individual, for whatever reason, fails to report the breach, the Welfare Officer is bound to report it, preferably with the consent of the individual however the Welfare Officer will not usually act without the prior knowledge of the individual.

Access the Equality Impact assessments first screening document

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