Contract for NI public sector shared data centre

Construction & Procurement Delivery (CPD) has established this contract for an NI public sector shared data centre.

Contract information

Project title: P16989 - Contract for NI public sector shared data centre

The strategic aims of this project were to identify a solution to deliver data centre services that would meet the operational and security needs of the public sector clients, allow room for growth, and obtain savings through the use of combined, larger and more efficient facilities in this pan government collaborative approach. 

The NI Public Sector Shared Data Centre Project was required to address the needs for a secure facility that can be used to house various systems owned by the public sector. 

Estimated contract value £1.28m (annual)
Contract start date 29 August 2016
Initial contract end date 28 August 2026
Potential contract extensions up to six years extensions
Contractor BT Government

Participating bodies

Phase one - this phase (procured and priced as part of this procurement) covers the NICS departments (with DoF as the contracting party on behalf of all organisations); Translink and BSO PaLS.

Phase two - this phase has been procured with a mechanism established to allow additional organisations to join the arrangement at a later stage.

All the organisations subject to NI public procurement policy may join phase two; and specifically the Police Service of NI, education bodies, and public health bodies may join phase two.  

Local councils in NI may also participate in phase two - further details are in the additional information section of the Contract Notice.

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