Framework agreement for provision of CHECK services

This framework agreement is for the provision of CHECK services on behalf of the NICS departments, agencies, non-departmental public bodies and other participating bodies.

Contract information

Project Title and Reference Number: ID 2129377 - DoF - NICS Provision of CHECK services  

Enterprise Shared Services (ESS) has established a collaborative framework agreement for the provision of CHECK services, on behalf of The NICS Departments and their associated Non-Departmental Public Bodies (NDPBs) and Arm’s Length Bodies (ALBs).

Contract value £750,000 (for the initial contract Period)
Contract start date 1st May 2019
Initial contract end date 30th April 2023 
Potential extensions Optional extension period of +2 years
Contractors Cyber Guarded Ltd
Participating bodies

Enterprise Shared Services (ESS) have procured the services of a CHECK provider to work collaboratively with ESS to schedule and carry out IT Health checks for NICS Departments and their associated Non-Departmental Public Bodies (NDPBs) and Arm’s Length Bodies (ALBs).

Each order submitted by a Client, using the Scoping Document, must be for a single planned CHECK project and must not be for a speculative project. Global Purchase Orders (PO) should not be used for this contract – only project specific POs should be raised.

All requirements for a CHECK project (not including those which are planned or scheduled ie ad-hoc or urgent projects) must be notified to the DOF Contract Manager for scheduling and assessing contract capacity.

User protocol

To find out more about this framework agreement and how to establish a call-off contract, view the user protocol information

Links to further contract information

More information can be obtained from 

DoF CHECK Services Contract Team


CPD ICT Procurement Branch

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