Operations – Lessons Learned

Below is a list of lessons learned relating to Operations, taken from a selection of recently completed programmes and projects across the NICS.

Issue 1 - More call quality checks should have been undertaken.

Recommendation 1 - Quality checks on calls should take place to allow for continuous improvement.  Quality checks should also be undertaken by business areas.

Issue 2 - Output of workstreams not always fully captured. Some teams were trying to impose the disciplines inherent in legacy systems to a new system that is structured in a different way. Workstreams captured detail in a way they were accustomed to rather in a way that would facilitate the development of the new system.

Recommendation 2 - Teams should have been exposed to the new system in its entirety for a suitable period to gain full understanding, before commencing workstreams.

Issue 3 - Co-location of project team, product owners and consultants led to a positive and effective working relationship which aided improved communication and decision making.

Recommendation 3 - Maintain open lines of communication to ensure problem-solving and team management is as seamless and efficient as possible.

Issue 4 - During the knowledge transfer the Contractor did not have any support and maintenance processes documented to share with the new service provider.

Recommendation 4 - The Contractor should have fully documented processes in place throughout the contract.

Issue 5 - A key supplier establishing a single technical point of contact was hugely positive. After engaging with several technical experts, the supplier assigned a digital architect as a single point of contact.

Recommendation 5 - There needs to be a single point of contact within each supplier to progress matters at an appropriate level.

Industry guidance/ further reading

Bakkah.com, Project Management Operations: Detailed Guide With The Functions, Responsibilities, and Components (bakkah.com). This includes an overview of operations and links to various courses and resources.

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