CPD new work request form

Date published: 14 October 2019

Last updated: 01 October 2021

In this section CPD Supplies and Services Division has provided forms and guidance for public sector clients wishing to submit a work request. 


New Work Request Form

The 'New Work Request Form' (WRNEW01) is used to initiate a new procurement for supplies or services.

Clients should complete the WRNEW01 form and forward to the relevant email account as detailed on the form. Your draft Specification should accompany the completed form (view guidance on writing Specifications). A helpful guide is provided to explain important sections of the form. 

If you have never been involved in a procurement before,  read our helpful Client Journey guide to understand your role and responsibilities. 

Existing Contract Work Request Form

The 'Existing Contract Work Request Form' (WREX01) is used to request CPD Supplies and Services Division (SSD) to provide advice or facilitate a variation to an existing contract. Clients should download the WREX01 form and forward it to the relevant email address.

Direct Award Contracts

A separate form is available if you require procurement advice from CPD in relation to a Direct Award Contract

Buying technology

Crown Commercial Services (CCS) Frameworks.

IF you have identified a CCS Framework as the preferred route to market (ie G-Cloud, DOS,etc) and the value of your requirement is in excess of £30k you must contact CPD for advice before proceeding.

If you are considering buying technology or digital services, then you should contact the ESS Account Management Team before submitting a New Work Request to CPD.

Preparing for security clearance for future contractors

The 'Security Clearance Notification' form provided below is for clients to complete and issue to their Assistant Departmental Security Officer. 

Planning pre-market engagement

A template is also provided below to help you design a 'Pre-Market Engagement Questionnaire'. Engaging with the market at an early stage is helpful to inform your approach to the procurement and identify innovative products or services currently available. 

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