Construction Division

Construction Division supports the delivery of a £750m portfolio of construction related programmes and projects. This portfolio is funded by customer organisations across eight departments, their agencies and arms-length bodies

Construction Division delivers construction projects from initial inception and feasibility, through business case approval, design development, procurement and contract management to final account. In a typical year contracts valued at over £250m are awarded with over 1,000 projects delivered.

Projects can take the form of new buildings, extensions, major refurbishments and infrastructure projects including offices, prisons, colleges, schools, public realm and other civil engineering works. These projects range in value from £5k to over £200m.

The vast majority of these contracts are awarded to local businesses (many small in size) and the contracts have a direct impact on the local economy supporting significant employment.

In addition to capital projects, Construction Division also provides departments with construction, commercial, procurement and contract management advice on a wide range of major grant funded projects annually. These include schools - £150m, social housing - £150m and general grant funded programmes - £200m. The demand for services in this area is expanding with the commencement of the £800m City Deal programme.  

Construction Division comprises of approximately 150 professional and technical staff from various construction disciplines to deliver government’s commitments to NI Public Procurement Policy in the capacity of Client Advisor, Project Manager or Professional Advisor.

Construction Division is made up of Branches specialising in:

  • Client Advisory Services
  • Project Management
  • Architecture
  • Civil Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering and Ground Investigation
  • Procurement Operations
  • Processes and Supplier Management

The key responsibilities of the Construction Division include:

  • Compliance with NI Public Procurement Policy
  • Promoting the ‘Achieving Excellence in Construction’ initiative
  • Supporting business case /economic appraisal development
  • Assisting the client to identify their needs and develop a project brief
  • Brief development, analysis and feasibility studies
  • Procurement and contract strategies
  • Selection, appointment and management of supply chains
  • Gateway Review Process
  • Whole-Life costing

Projects are taken forward in accordance with statutory requirements and Northern Ireland Public Procurement Policy.


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