How to contact CPD with a new work request

Have you recently become aware that your business area needs something?

Whether it is supplies, services or works, it is sensible to get advice from CPD at an early stage - preferably during the preparation of the business case.

In this section you will find out how to get in touch with the various divisions within CPD.

I've realised we will need a procurement carried out - when should I contact CPD?

In general - the earlier the better.

When you are preparing the business case, consider whether CPD advice could be helpful at this stage. The earlier that CPD becomes involved, the better informed the procurement officer will be about your needs when the time comes to carry out the procurement.

In addition, with their insight into current markets, CPD staff may know about new products or services that you haven't yet considered, that could meet your business needs more effectively than what you had previously.

Keep in mind that CPD need a lead in time to allocate a procurement officer and deal with their existing workload.

For large projects it may be beneficial to contact CPD when the project board is being established and ask for CPD representation. 

How do I contact CPD?

If your business area needs supplies or services, then download and complete a New Work Request form. If you have any queries contact the CPD Supplies and Services Helpdesk on 028 9081 6031 (or extension 76031).

If your business area requires construction works or services, then contact the Construction Helpdesk on 028 9081 6555 (or extension 76555) for more information.

If your business area has a new construction work request for CPD, then complete a New Work Request form

Can I ask for advice without being charged? 

The three operational procurement divisions in CPD are required to charge for professional advice on procurements, to cover operating costs such as staff salaries - you should factor this into your business case.

CPD only recovers costs, it does not make a profit. When your New Work Request Form is logged and work on the procurement begins, you will begin to incur a charge - your business area will be invoiced by CPD. 

Please do not let this put you off contacting CPD at an early stage for some more general advice while you prepare your business case and design the programme.   

The staff in CPD Policy & Performance Division are not required to charge for advice at any time, as core funding is provided from DoF; therefore: 

  •  if your query is about procurement policy, or you require a general overview of a procurement process, rather than discussing a specific work request, contact the Procurement Policy team on 028 9081 6233 (or extension 76233) or by email at 
  • if your query is about an aspect of managing a project or programme contact the Centre of Excellence for Programme and Project Management on 
  • if your query relates to support available to prospective suppliers in understanding how to tender for public sector opportunities, or using the eTendersNI portal, contact 
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