An introduction to procurement for public sector customers

Construction & Procurement Delivery (CPD) provides professional procurement services to NICS departments, agencies and non-departmental public bodies. Find out more about the services provided by CPD and the standards of service you can expect when dealing with us.

Understanding the CPD services available to public sector customers

CPD offers a range of services to customers, depending on whether they are requiring procurement of supplies and services, construction works or services; or advice on managing projects or programmes. 

Resources for new and current CPD customers

In this section CPD customers have access to a set of resources designed to help explain more about public procurement and how CPD will work with you.

Resources include case studies, quick reference guides and helpful links to relevant procurement guidance notes. 

Templates and helpful documents for current CPD customers 

In this section CPD customers can download documents and templates which are helpful in your liaison with CPD as a customer. More documents will be added over time.

CPD Customer Service Standards

Read our Customer Service Standards to find out about the high standards of professional and ethical service that CPD has committed to. 

Understanding the Public Contract Regulations 2015

New Public Contract Regulations came into effect on 25 February 2015. 

The new rules are aimed at modernising public procurement. If you are a CPD customer and you are commissioning supplies, services or a construction project above the EU threshold, then these changes may benefit you.

As a CPD customer, it may be helpful for you to read a summary of the changes. 

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