We’ve been notified that 3rd party organisations are contacting members of public pension schemes, such as ours, selling their help in claiming the 2015 Remedy (McCloud) benefits.

Please note:

You do not need to go through a third party to claim these benefits. The Northern Ireland Civil Service Pension Scheme will not request a fee for providing this information.

This is a reminder to please stay vigilant. We would encourage all members to visit our Pension Fraud webpage which offers helpful guidance on how to identify and avoid these pension scams. If you're still unsure or have any concerns, please contact us for clarification.

What 2015 Remedy (McCloud) communications to expect from Northern Ireland Civil Service Pensions

If you’re already receiving your pension benefits or retire before October 2023, you'll be asked to make a choice about which pension benefits, for the Remedy period (01/04/2015 - 31/03/2022), are best for you. At some point between October 2023 and March 2025 you'll receive an illustration of your pension benefits, and be asked to make that choice retrospectively. Otherwise, as you near retirement, your Remedy-period illustration and choice will be included in your retirement options documentation.

Annual Benefit Statements issued in 2024 will also include an illustration of the Remedy-period benefits based on your legacy or alpha scheme.

Not sure if you are affected by 2015 Remedy (McCloud)?

Not all members will be affected. To help you establish if you are impacted by the 2015 Remedy we have created an 'Am I affected?' tool.  After answering a few simple questions the tool will give you an indication of whether you’re likely to be offered a choice under the 2015 Remedy when you take your pension benefits. 




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