Some members retire because their health prevents them from being able to continue working. Applications to retire due to ill health are carefully examined based on the member’s health condition and the role they are in as well as the ill-health retirement rules of the scheme in place at the time of application.

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If you are affected by the 2015 Remedy and you or your employer has applied for your ill-health retirement since 1st April 2015, your application will soon be re-assessed. You will have the opportunity to ask about the process if you have any concerns. More information about what this means and the required actions is provided below.

Am I affected by the Remedy?

Not all members will be affected. You can follow the flowchart below and establish if the 2015 Remedy will impact you?

Am I Affected flowchart

Information for members who have had ill-health retirement applications since 1st April 2015

We will soon begin re-assessing ill-health applications for those members who are impacted by the Remedy (also known as McCloud). We are undertaking this re-assessment in response to the McCloud judgment to understand whether any ill-health retirement application under a member’s existing pension scheme, would have been eligible for ill-health benefits under their alternative pension scheme.

If you are impacted you will shortly receive a letter asking that you give your consent for the re-assessment or you can choose not to participate. 

If you decide that you do not want to be re-assessed now or you do not respond to the letter, you will receive a reminder letter at a later stage to give you another opportunity to participate. However, if you still do not respond or ultimately choose not to consent to a re-assessment, there will be a delay in providing you with any remedy choice of benefits and the alternative scheme benefits that we can offer you may be limited and calculated without reference to Ill-Health Retirement pension benefits.

The re-assessment will be based on the your medical condition at the time of the application and will be undertaken by the Scheme Medical Adviser (Occupational Health Service). The re-assessment will not require the Occupational Health Advisor to carry out a medical examination or a telephone assessment. Instead they will review the existing medical evidence that was available when your application was previously assessed and determine if the outcome would have been any different under the other scheme’s criteria. No new more recent medical evidence can or will be considered. The flowchart below will help you determine any relevant actions depending on your circumstances.

Once the re-assessment is completed, we will again write out to the relevant members to advise the outcome and next steps. As the process will take some time to complete and there are a substantial number of members, we expect to send letters by June 2023. It is worth noting that any revised pensions will not be put into payment before the necessary legislation is in place in October 2023.



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