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I’ve heard the term 'contingent decisions', what does it mean?

Decisions you made or did not make, as a result of the introduction of the alpha pension scheme. This applies only to members affected by 2015 Remedy (McCloud).

Can you give me examples of what a contingent decision might be?

An example of a contingent decision would be if you chose to opt out of the scheme because you were not able to remain in your Legacy scheme (Classic, Premium, Classic Plus, Nuvos) for the Remedy period. A contingent decision may also include decisions, such as added pension choices.

What do I need to do if I feel that I have made 'contingent decisions'?

We are introducing a Contingent Decision process in 2024 for those who would’ve taken or were prevented from taking a different action had the transitional protection changes not been introduced in 2015.

You can apply to have your claim considered and, if successful, the aim is to put you back into the position, as closely as possible, that you would have been in without the discrimination. This is subject to any money owed. Each claim will be determined on merit and meeting other eligibility criteria.

We are not yet able to confirm the process. We will however make sure that details of the process are updated on the Civil Service Pensions (CSP) website and provided to employers when they become available.

For now, there is nothing that you need to do and nobody you need to inform.

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